Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reflection on this Last Weekends Race

I have said I was going to make a come back for years now but I have been sporadic cause of school and just plain growing up. I finally feel like I can say that I finally made it back and on the way to where I want to be. I don't know if it is that I grew up, got smarter, got my priorities together, or if I am just re-energized. It is probably a combination of everything and it finally came together this last weekend.

The race weekend couldn't have been any better really. I had an awesome, fun and muddy pre ride with Carl. It was a pleasant surprise to get text from and get to ride with him since he doesn't live here anymore. I just wish I could have taken a picture of Carl in my riding clothes and on my bike. That way I could have used it as black mail. The rest of that day was filled with cleaning mud off the bike, watching football and eating my normal spaghetti dinner before a race. Race morning seemed to come quick and I had so many questions/nerves floating around my head. All I wanted was the race to start, the thoughts in my head to go away and see what all the riding recently would result in.

The gun went off and all 14 SS racers went spinning off like idiots. To my surprise the course was practically dry. The roots weren't wet amazingly even though we recieved over 2 inches of rain the day before. Knowing that roots were dry allowed me to relax  and focus on being calm and riding like I knew I could. First lap was spent with Berg and Jimmy Toural. The pace was set by Berg and was very steady. I felt good but was waiting for that first attack. That first attack came from Jimmy Toural after Berg pulled out of the lead. Jimmy picked the pace up just before entering Lob Lolly and spreading the now four of us out. I jumped on to his wheel and followed him into the single track. I take a alternate route and took the lead. I had a minor gap so I punched it all the way to the water fountain. By then it was just Jimmy and myself. I would continue to keep the pace high and lead going into the 3rd and final lap. All I am thinking is how nice it would be to finally win the damn SS race at tom brown but at the same time thinking I don't want to be the bridesmaid again. Coming into the flat part by Kudzilla I bobbled a little after trying to separate myself from Jimmy. Of course Jimmy took advantage of my mistake and slipped in front of me. He got a 10 second lead and I never could make it up. We were stayed exacly the same distance all the way to the finish.

Though I ended up 2nd again I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I had felt good, had real good lap times and felt like I could have done another lap. I am excited to ride and I can't wait to race again. School is still the priority but will be making time for riding as well. I got some other races in mind before it gets cold. I am thinking I might go to  Haile's trails, Felasco, and Santos for some more state races and might give expert a shot if I can keep my riding consistent and put the time in that is necessary. I am also considering doing the state road race in Orlando. Course sounds like it would be good for me since its rolling and more of a survival style race and not one for sitting around and waiting for a sprint. I am for sure doing spaghetti off road and at least the local cx race but thinking I might do some more cx races. I have some long term goals too, but I am going to keep focusing on the next couple races and try to keep the good form up and mix it up with a mixture of races and rides.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Remember when...

Remember when we rode on the job site in Macon? Well this video reminded me of that epic moment in BC history but this dude has mad skill!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Can we exhale now and move on? If so thank Lance...

Tonight I want to rant but I don't have the rage or satisfaction that I was expecting. Either way, tonight ends the doping era with Lance turning down arbitration and Lance receiving charges. For years I have been aggravated with the constant negativeness that Lance's legacy left hanging around. There are a few things that really stand out to me and want people to realize.

1) How do you take titles from someone if almost everyone else at that time was doping as well? Its not like you can just give the title to someone else. Do we just say tha there aret no winner those years? Does that mean proven dopers like Basso who never won a tour, wins one even though he tested positive later on? and does Ullrich gets some back? On top of that conflict, Lance has long time been documented as the most tested athlete of all time. Yes he had some method of covering or masking dope that kept him from being caught, but what would have been discovered if all the other top athletes at that time were tested the same?

2) How do you give someone a lifetime ban? Yes Lance has other things he can do, but he is one of the most hard headed, competitive, and gifted athletes I have ever seen. Its kind of like taking his soul and stomping on it. How is what he has done any different than anyone else? Ok so supposedly there is one sample out there that said he tested positive and words from some of the most uncredible people to back it up. But what about Petacci, Basso, Ullrich, Valverde, Contador, and Vino? I know all their situations are different but they all have BS stories too. They all received two year bans and now all of them are being praised. Vino winning the Olympic road race was one of the most disappointing race I have ever watched! I spent 5 hours watching the coverage to watch a fucking cheater win. But he served his time and now doesn't have to live a life of misery. So whats the difference? Does it make it worse that Lance won more? I am just confused? Yes there are rumors of other stuff but none have been proved after EXTENSIVE investigations that have lasted 10+ years. He had something better than everyone else, get over it!

3) American's have historically been dopers. Did everyone forget about the allegations on Levi while he was a Gerostiner and recently been linked to it on Postal? What about Tom Danielson? He was mysteriously missing from Garmins races a year or so ago and there were rumors when he was on Fasso Bortlo.  We all know the stories of Floyd and Tyler. The most controversial one that I once was told was Greg Lemond. Not to name names but a well known pro that has seen everything told me that Greg Lemond was the one that brought it into the sport. I know people won't like hearing that but think about it. Why did he always think Lance was doping? Dopers know dopers.

So as you can tell I am not a big fan of Lance but just wanna know why the witch hunt and their reasoning for such punishment. At the same time, I hoping this allows the cycling community to move on and not have negative press. The weeks leading up to the tour and the weeks of the tour at times were over shadowed by this Lance case. It sometimes over shadowed the story of the brits dominating the tour. All at the same time it puts ideas that the best riders in the tour are doping. So I see this day a negative but good day for cycling. At the same time it makes me wonder what would have happened if Lance had just came out and said he doped cause he thought it was what he had to do to be competitive? Or just said he did it to raise money for cancer? Could he have been a David Miller? They use to be extremely close friends and even shared TT ideas and technology. Would it have killed Livestrong? Is that why he never admitted to it? We will never know as a result of Lance accepting charges. Was that planned? Does any one really care now after 10+ year? I am just left with more question! but hopefully this ends these man hunts and can allow cycling to lose the cloud that has been hanging over it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gnar Lube

Every cyclist loves seeing pretty women in the sport. Gnar lube took it to another level.

GNARLUBE Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot 2011 from GNARLUBE™ on Vimeo.

And if you forgot how to lube your chain here is how!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ritchey P-275

I know I have mentioned this before and kind of sound like a broken record but I have a sweet spot for Ritchey frames. I don't know if it was envy of those who had them or the just the classic clean look of there frames, but they make me want to pull out my my wallet or beg for one!

This Ritchey P-275 is designed for 27.5" tires or known as 650b. No I haven't ridden a 650b yet but I am itching to bad! For my height and build I think it makes since. I have never really been totally comfortable on 29ers except my custom single speed. Life is rough lol. But hey you can't have to many bikes and I have always said my goal is to have a different bike for every day of the week. I know I need other stuff first but hey a P-275 frame retails for $1100 which is a screaming deal considering how much other shit cost today. I also forgot to mention that the frame is steel and oh that sexy retro paint scheme.

and while I am ranting about Ritchey check out there newer cross bike. Its amazingly beautiful and its steel too.

It will be a sad day when Tom Ritchey retires completely or passes away. I feel like he is one person in the industry that has stayed true to his roots. He still builds crazy pretty stuff, still passionate and rides, and hasn't sold out to some brand that just wants to use his name. Though I am sure its not what it use to be. He is one of those guys that I would love to ride with and listen to his stories.

I want this P-275 so bad that I alost didn't write this post cause I don't want people to know it exists. MORE FOR ME!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just Plain Evil

For those that don't know I am a car freak. I spend at least an hour a day reading car news and once a week listening to autoblogs podast. So I know I don't normally share car stuff on my blog but this creation really caught my attention. As a design student this is what gets my mind turning. The close attention to detail and unique styling is what gets me side tracked from what I am supposed to be doing. Guess I am not studying calculus tonight. ooops! Watch the video below to hear about the transformation from dump trunk to a diesel powered piece of art.

Monday, July 2, 2012

10x42 Cassettes and 11 speed? WTF

It seems like cycling technology has really taken off drastically in the last couple months and it’s cool to watch but at the same time, this beautiful new stuff is becoming unobtainable to an everyday person. It bothers me to say that it’s getting to the point where I am not sure I will be able to have the nicest components. That sounds like bobbin brook syndrome, but think about it. Drivetrains and wheels are creeping up to $3000-4000, and it’s annoying, scary, and kind of sick. I bet in a year in a half or so the nicest big box brands road and mtn bikes will cost $15000. We have gone from joking about our bikes on the car being worth more than our car to just our xc bike being worth more than our car.

This increase in price of bike stuff makes me wonder what it will do to the sport. It isn't exactly a growing sport right this moment. With this increase in price I wonder if the sport will be full of nothing but lawyers and drug lords lol.

It just make me think back to the days where you could mix and match manufacturers components. You got what you wanted, could save some money by mixing parts, and it was nice not riding a flashy billboard. Don't get me wrong I like some of it but when it comes to replacing this new shit it makes you wonder if you will be able to afford taking your girl out or affording groceries.

but.....damn that 11x1 is purtty and looks smooth! Pretty cool little video.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Would you like to bump and grind on me?

Last weekend was the first expert/cat 1 mtb race that I have done in years. I have been riding a good amount, with a few bumps in the road but still with one goal to be competitive again.
As my first race back,  I chose Bump and Grind. I never thought that it was a dumb idea or thought maybe I should start with another one. No I thought the hardest xc mtb race in the southeast would be a good idea.
So the uh oh Oreo crew (kayla, tyrell, and I) left early Saturday and headed to Pelham, home of Oak Mtn State Park. After I arriving to beautiful weather, I find Berg and try to arrange a pre ride. As it turns out cat 1/ pro classes was a 1 lap 31 mile loop.  Instead of doing the traditional start that follows the lake, they have you do a 180 and go up the pavement to Jekyll and Hyde. What I didn't realize till the top of the climb was that it was the downhill course backwards. After asking Victor Alber like 3 times if we were really going to the right way they finally told me the whole loop. We were going the right way and I had to have looked like a deer in the head lights. I was in shock and thinking what have I gotten myself into. "I am not sure this was a good idea coming here to race,""I can't make it up this climb on a pre ride?" "wtf am I going to do tomorrow with a whole class of riders?" "I sound like Jim" "stop thinking"

Went up this!
So in a nut shell this is what the course route was. Up Jekyll and Hyde, then take a right immediately into blood rock followed by the traditional single track towards the finish. Instead of going to the finish line they had you turn left and do all the single track around the lack towards the single track that we use to start with. This was followed by the 3 mile climb then back down Jekyll and Hyde to the finish.
After learning the loop direction from Victor, I realize that if I wanted to pre ride everything it would be basically a 31 mile ride. Not happening! I end up riding just the new stuff in effort to stay as fresh as possible for the race. I split off from David who was doing the super D, which he apparently won and had the fastest time of anyone. I end up ride by myself with thoughts continuing to run through my head. "this is dumb and I am retarded!"
I get to the hotel call my dad who basically says don't be a pussy but in nice way and we talk strategy. I then complain to Jim and Worm. Worm thankfully calls and we chat and it made me relax and stop thinking about the race. Thanks big man.
The rest of the evening was spent at the summit shopping and eating with the uh oh oreo crew. It was nice having them a long for the trip, it took the mind off racing because they couldn't complain with me and worry about the trail. They were more worried about there food selection and choice of cheesecake at the cheesecake factory. This was my selection: Kahlua Cocoa Coffee Cheesecake! its amazing!
Race day came and it was beautiful day with no clouds and actually started off a little chilly. I scrambled around for an hour before the race with a flat tire, trying to eat and just trying to get everything ready. I was still able to get about a 15 min warm up but it felt like time was fast forward and I had butterflies.
I Roll up to the line and it is probably the most stacked expert class that I have ever rode in at bump and maybe anywhere. I just kept think ahhhh shit give me break! There were 5 different people that I heard of and knew that they had a chance of winning, but the creeper Andy Johnston was definitely the favorite.
Gun goes off and the butterflies can finally fly loose and leave my stomach. The new start was surprisingly smooth and not crazy. Everyone kinda knew where they were suppose to be going into the woods. I was right where I wanted to be sitting 6th (13 total in my class plus the 30-34 experts) going in to the woods. I quickly got into a rhythm that I hadn't been able to do the day before and felt pretty competitive. We hit the Hyde part of the trail with the uphill rock gardens and I clear almost every thing other than a few spots where I was wasn't given a chance to because of people in front of me making mistakes. I was feeling pretty damn happy and the confidence was starting to build because I could still see the tail end of the lead group as they were turning off of Jekyll and Hyde to blood rock. I kept thinking relax breathe catch you breath on blood rock and the part after it and find my own pace. Then I will worry about the people in front of me and behind me. The bad news is that never happened. After making it down blood rock, I made it around a few of the big downhill sweeping corners and was doing fine just letting the bike roll and leting it do its own thing. Well I guess I should have braked more. I hit one of the rock water bars awkwardly and came out of the main line and immediately knew it wasn't going to be good. I came down out of the main line and the rear tire went flat. I got to a stop as soon as I could and tried to stay as calm as possible and not freak out while changing the flat. Flat fix went really quick and seamlessly. So I am thinking ok the bad luck is out of the way now and its time to try and make up as many spots as possible now that I was sitting last. But I never get that chance as well. I made it another couple hundred yards down the same descent and the front tire goes flat. I already used my spare so I start walking the trail in hope that someone will give me a tube. One issue was that almost everyone had already gone by me as a result of expert doing a completely different loop. Only 3-4 riders come by me they are all on 29ers fuck! everyone offers a tube but can't use it. I know you can make it work in a 26 but I have never done it before and know it won't last long on a course this rough. So after that I walk another 1/4 mile, finally some recreational riders on $500 treks come by and I beg and plead and they give me a tube. He pulls it out and I see a patch right away and think there is no way this will last but thank them and proceed to fix the flat. The tube holds up and I continue on the long journey by myself. I see kayla and tyrell at the first neutral feed stop. I get a fresh bottle, a kiss on the cheek, and find out that I am 30-45 mins behind anyone. I do continue on and I pass two people not in my class. Other than that I see no one. I try to stay motivated and ride hard but its really hard to. All I am thinking is Jim's ugly ass face saying something about dnfing, Korecky jinxing me at zone 5, and how I am going to write this blog.

I end up have a smooth rest of my now training ride with no issues and come in about 50 mins behind the winner  the creeper. I surprisingly stayed calm and never really let the flat piss me off. I did dwelled on it but there wasn't really much I could have done. Shit happens and I have to move one. The bad news was I never really found out where my fitness was. I came into the race with questions and and left with more. Could I have kept that pace after the start and been competitive? I don't know? I don't think I could have touched the top 4 or five but I would have liked to have known how far off my fitness was.
All I know is that I will keep training and look forward to my next race, which is probably arrowhead.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I am usually calm but....

So I have been riding/racing on the mtb since 1996 and I would consider myself borderline old school. Being that I grew up in the sport when it was peaking or just after its peak in money/popularity (or could be called Pre Lance Craze), I feel like us mtbers from that era kinda have the grumpy old man syndrome now where they hate change and shit messed with when it doesn't really need to be messed with.

Its not bike technology that aggravates us. We can get over flimsy "toilet paper" carbon frames and all the different wheels sizes and trends. This isn't a problem cause all of the different styles have there place and who doesn't like buying new stuff and trying new ideas in an effort to being faster than your buddies.

What you don't screw with is our trails. "But it is to bumpy, slick, technical, fast and scary!" Then don't ride the damn trail. "No we should make them easier."" They are washed out and water just runs off." Whoopty fucking do is all I have to say to all that bull shit. I can remember growing up going to trails where people were scared of trails. Trails such as Hard Rock, Lakeland, Redick, and Gatorback would have people worrying/ dreading racing there. Though we still have Gatorback and few other old school trails, I feel like regulations and jackasses have control of our trails.

Yes trails do need reroutes and trail work after awhile but it doesn't need the jackasses.

Zak's Definition of Trail Jackass:
  1. One who rides through trail on their own will/desire and crashes then find someone to sue.
  2. One who finds that the trail they are riding to hard for them and goes back and "fixes" the problem.
  3. One who thinks they know how to do trail work and doesn't know jack shit and makes it worse or more dangerous. 
Why am I just rambling about this now? Cause this morning I was on Secrete Singletrack riding towards Forest Meadows and crashed my brains out lol. I have been doing this directions recently and haven't really noticed anything other than some of the odd I can't climb a hill reroutes, till today. While going down the hill just before climbing out towards Meridian my pedal clipped a small skinny stump  going down the hill directing me into a tree. The handlebar and knee hit first followed by a chest and shoulder. While I was stumbling around trying to keep my knee loose and catch my breath since I knocked the wind out of me, I looked up and found the stump directly next to the edge of the trail and slightly covered with leaves. While I was trying to regroup and looking over my bike a recreational guy came by asking me if I was ok in wide eyes. I then watched him climb up the trails where I had fallen. It then hit me, that it use to be narrow little tree shoot before taking a right hander and going up again. Result of a Trail jackass? My guess is probably because the climb use to be pretty difficult. Either way it hurt and ended my ride which I was only like 20 mins into. Trail work that isn't done correctly can be dangerous and really hurt someone and its aggravating.

I usually try to keep my old man syndrome in but today I just had to vent.  And to be completely honest I erased a couple of paragraphs on our recent trail work trends of machines and clay use but I decided that might be a little much and would turn into a lot of cursing.

But on a positive note I am feeling good on the bike and its nice to know the speed is coming back. Being able to notice the speed coming back just adds to the motivation and desire to keep training.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Crazy Videos

If you haven't been keeping up with the Giro, its been filled with the usual early sprint stage crashes. But this one has stirred up a lot of controversy. Watch for the guy bunny hopping cavendish!

This is just funny. Must match till the end. Asian Bike Lock

Thursday, April 26, 2012


With Cohutta 100 race coming our way this weekend, there is one thing on every bodies mind. Who is going to win the battle between the new Slightly Big Worm and The Ankle Biting Chiweeni Little D.

Slightly Big Worm use to be a big worm till earlier this year. It has got a lot of people wondering if maybe something was wrong. So I did some research and determined that his body has some kinda worm inside him. We aren't talking homosexual reference here. I am talking about an actual tape worm. Regional Doctor Dr.Darnel, whole specializes in cavity checks, recently spoke with me about this drastic drop in weight saying: "bigga please! that bitch has a worm deep inside him, no homo..." So what will come of him this weekend? Will the gel flask help or will lil willie the tape worm take all of his nutrients and leave him vulnerable to the little chiweeni?

Who is Lil'D and What is a Chiweenie? A Chiweenie is a cross between a Chiwawa and a weenier dog. Lil'D is a thugged out little smart ass that squeals like a pig. Don't let the high pitch voice and tiny appearance fool you. Down in Mexico with her other short people, she is known for her fierce sprint and surprising speed! The most recent victim Jim aka the Disappointment or the majestic jackass was out sprinted by her on the Chairs Ride. Little is known about this rare species of Bitch but if you hear a squeal coming your way you might wanna look over shoulder and make sure you aren't the next victim!

So as you can see this is an interesting battle. Ones slightly large and ones really short. Here are the characteristics side by side.

                              Slightly Big Worm                                     
Height:                  Over 6'                                               
Weight:                 Heavy                                                
Hair Color:            N/A                                                  
Facial Hair:           Patchy Stalker Style                             
Personality:           Bubbly                                              
Riding Style:         Like an Over Sized Doe                
Favorite Food:      Food? Where? Must Eat..                 

Height:                  "hello down there"
Weight:                 about 1/3 of Worm
Hair Color:           Blonde
Facial hair:           Hope There is None
Personality:          Bubble Blaster
Riding Style:        Kinda Like a Honey Badger
                              (not the most graceful but takes what she wants)
Favorite Food:     Mexican Food Durr Chiweenie

As you can tell from these stats, its going to be an interesting battle. We know the worm can eat more and we know Lil'D can squeak, but who will win the Cohutta 100.

Quotes on betting:
Terry: "I don't know worm is skinny!" "he must have a tape worm"
Norman: "giggle giggle stupid goat ropers"
Paul Lawrence: "(slow) giggle..."
Berg: "check out my new stereo I got another sub.."
Ron: "Put 20 buck on you (Chris), you are my horse..."
Steve: "I am to busy getting round"
Carl: "Demo today at 2pm"
Kent: "Friday night special: Bull riding in the parking lot. Proceeds go to me..."
Jim: "well...since Lil'D rapes me every wed in the sprint...I put $5 on Lil'D."
Daren: "check this pic from my customers car"
Rick: "I am doing a dirt ride, then soccer practice..."
Tim: "what ever nancy says"

As regular pain in the ass and normal hell raiser that is borderline appropriate, I predict a close battle that comes down to the line and the Chiweenie gets it by a floppy ear.

In all fairness I am super jealous and wish I was up there with y'all. I hate being out of shape and seeing everyone riding really well. I hope y'all have a safe ride and don't have any bad luck. And bring me back some dame apple turn overs.

Mouth watering!!!

Tomorrows blog on Cohutta will feature a story of a donkey blooming into a majestic stallion!

Monday, April 23, 2012

gator needs to mow

gator needs to mow!

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Should be working on my final but this is what I found

Its so bad its awesome!

This one is more appropriate for the moment!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hey Norman!

I saw this and thought of Norman! Norman its a good thing you don't crash as much as Jim!

He kinda even looks like you! But he can probably make it up the root at tom brown!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bicycles are art and man do they make me drool sometimes...

Some of you might or might not know but I kinda obsess over new bikes and parts. Sometimes a good thing sometimes a bad habit.. Worm definitely knows because we send each other pics of frames and stuff and distract each other from work.

My current obsession and ideas:
  • New grip ship? I love how sleek it look and It sounds like its going to be super light.
  • Screw the little ring and get a chain guide. Hey I am never in the little ring with this new mtb compact/ 2x10 set up.
  • Disc road bikes and cross bikes intrigue me. Idk if it the mtber in me or the idea of being so stupidly awesome and over kill.
  • Carbon? ehhh I am still not the most carbon trustworthy. I have been wondering if I could ride a custom steel road bike and be happy with the way it rides. Would it be an old man bike? or would still feel race worthy. Yea carbon is very easy to manipulate and make aero and all that shit but there is something sexy about a bike with small round tubes and welds. Screw glued pieces of woven threads when u can have a weld!

For example of my craziness my black cat was ordered randomly after seeing it in dirt rag. I was just flipping through and saw this striking blue and white black cat. Less than a week later it was ordered. So in honor of one of the best time of years for cycling goodies (nahbs starts next Friday) I figured I would just post some of the most drool worth cycling goodies.

Builders template that anyone can buy! hmmm let the ideas run!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

First Mtb Ride Since...

Today was the first ride since: Felasco and the worst asthma attacks in years.

After a week of health issues (asthma), an interior project, and a low income housing project I have finally found time to relax for a couple todays. So today I rode the black cat for the first time since getting the pivot and at the same time it was the first mtb ride since felasco. The weather could not have been nicer and it was to nice to ride hard so I did nothing but cruise around, take photos, and sit on my top tube and stair off in to space and enjoy the beautiful day. It felt so good and it reminded me how dry tallahassee is right now.

While I have not been riding design class has been exhausting good things hove come out of it. I have recieved A's on everything and my group won our design competition. It made 30 hours of work over the last weekend a little worth it.