Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An Idea for Motivation and Change

So I have been thinking lately and have been kind of bored with same old thing every week, which has kinda caused lack of motivation. So I was wondering if people were interested in starting another short track series like we kind of attempted before. I know it didn't really work out before but it seems like the mtb scene in tally has kind of grown rapidly in the last year. There is a lot of new faces and it seems like more people are interested in racing or crazy events such as the ally cat thing and crazy long rides.

I know everyone kind of has there own week rides and it pointless to do it during the week. Saturday is kind of always a for big group rides on road and off road. So that leaves me with Sundays. So currently I am thinking about either a 8-9am or 5:30-6pm. This way hopefully it stays out of family stuff and conflict with normal park visitors.

Race format would be 30min plus 3-5 laps with the majority being double track with a little bit of single track. There would be only one class to allow for our crazyness to be short and sweet. No prizes! No entry fee! Just Pride and Bitching! The race would have no team, shop, TMBA, and CCC afiiliation. I am talking old school rogue series. I am thinking that I would attempt to have the race at multiple locations. Ihe idea would be to get an email/ facebook message late in the week.

The idea would be to get in a hard short hard effort in less than an hour so that people can live there life but still get a good hard ride in. I want to see some new rivaleries, mix in different crowds and see tempers flare.