Monday, February 16, 2009

Update on Life

It has been awhile since my last post and a lot has happened over the period of time, some know parts and pieces and some I have kinda kept under wraps. I'll explain in my favorite format.

1. Being back in tally hasn't been what I hoped it would be and it wasn't what I really wanted in the first place. but it has established somethings in my life. First of all, living on campus isn't what people said it is. Its not some other part of tally. Its all the same just poorer on this side, minus some of the rich ass students with there tricked out bmws and others. I don't really want to dwell on the negatives so I'll stop before I start my stereo typical post with profanity. Being in Tally has established three main things: I enjoy my bikes and the peace in my life it brings, I have two awesome dysfunctional families: the balls/ strobels and bike posse, and that I am definitely not able to be a party animal and ride at the same time.

2. I have also narrowed down what I want to do in my life. A job that was basically given to me just cause of my mom reputation has turned out to be something good. With my job as an intern at one of the best MEP engineering firms in FL and the opportunities that sunshine have given me, has created the desire to put them together and pursue a career that evolve both all in one.

3. Being home you would think would have led me to being able to train constantly but that definitely hasn't been the case. With three or four different aspects pulling at me all at once, it has led to dismal results and shitty fitness. It seems like every time I am heading in the right direction, I hit a road block that completely fucks shit up. For example this last week I rode everyday mon-thurs and felt amazing riding, until friday morning when I became sick for the third time since the Cardinals lost to the Steelers in the super bowl. Its so frustrating b/c I have never been one to be sick and I am the worst sick person of all time! I can't lay down and sleep. fuck that! If I have free time I am going to be on the bike or screwing around outside. When I stayed home last week from work and school, I packed my bag and had thoughts of going to ride 4 laps of tom brown. I then couldn't stop coughing and went back to bed with all my clothes on and slept for 4-5 during the middle of the day which has maybe happened once or twice in my life, but they were extreme hang overs then. And as I speak I am sucking on a cough drop itching to do something especially after watching the tour of California.

4. I still want to race! some have come to think of me as more a recreational rider lately! fuck that! I want to win everything! Its killing me to watch Berg grow from some shy goofy middle schooler, into a retarded some what good rider. which makes me think of the first day that I met him. He rode down to my house and knocked on my door. i expected it to be some boy scout or someone like that who was trying to sell something. But he read about me in the news paper or someone told him about me and he rode down to ask if he could ride with me. I was shocked but I was like yeah whats ur phone number and then I closed the door haha not exactly like that but close. The next thing you know he is riding with me more and more and buying more and more of my shit in my garage until he moved to Marks Garagemahal of bikes! lol but yeah watching Berg, Rick, Mark, Jim and Terry (occasionally haha), Cody, Marino, Spook and Worm have success honestly kills me. O and Tyler def will be the next on that list. If y'all haven't seen him ride lately you should. He is getting faster and more and more confident every time he rides! So one day hopefully soon I'll be able to have the results that I thought I would have gotten by now and blow through the roadblocks.

Conclusion: Tomorrow I am meeting with my mom to tell her my plans for trying to move out west. I am trying to move to Tuscon and I already have a place I can live and I would live with my good friend Thomas. I would attend Pima Community College for a year and take requirements for an engineering degree while I received Arizona residency. I then would transfer University of Arizona and finish out my degree. I have also researched potential bike shop and engineering jobs, as well as the riding in the area and its definitely not bad. But I have to get parental approval still but I plan to fight hard for it. I just feel like I need to get away to achieve the things that I want.