Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow Bound (by surprise)

So today was the the first day of vacation to north ga (mccaysvile) and there is about a foot of snow at chet-e-cheeto's mtn cabin. It is a weekend of a bunch of flashbacks and trips down memory lane. I was with the smith family when they were searching for the house and when they first moved in. Chet and I basically lived together growin up. We were tallys golden boy juniors and best buds. So this is the first time we have taken a trip together since he started college. So bonding and our egging and encourage ment to do stupid stuff has already begun.

Today is also the first day I have been around snow since I left Durango. It is weird. It makes me miss my boys from my freshman year and it gives me desires of driving sideways and stupid through the snow. To bad I don't have the driving skills of the vermont boys and the colorado mexican, so I am leaving my car on the main road and dreaming of drifting and making it up the icy slopes. O and I plan riding the single speed around the neighborhood with out falling on the ice. On top of that I plan on riding at ocoee through the snow on a winter wonder land ride through the snow.

So the combination of people I have missed spending time with and the combination of my wonderful girl friend, chet's sister who I have grown up with, and my two best friends tyrell and elizabeth. Add some beer in there and a week away from work and its hard to beat.

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Snow Bound

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Bling Bling

Buford Ball aka, lil Skinny, officially became a pimp today. He is now sporting a custom "blackcat" green collar. Yeah you heard right! custom bitches! So hide your female dogs, because they will instantly become in heat when they see lil skinny and his bling bling. Male dogs will either bow to him or run off and whimper when they see this stud running the trails or just when he is searching for a new girl or bone at pets mart. His swagger is at a level that has never been seen before. It will even make GQ member Jim jealous and make Worm cringe in fear. I better not let Mrs. Worm see him!

Even though his swag level is at an all time high, he still has time to read my blog. I guess he knows who fills up his dog bowl. He does look a little bit embarrassed though. Guess my swagger is to low for his liking.

Bike Chain Collar? hmmmmm