Monday, July 26, 2010


Been gone from Tally for over a week and it was nice. Did some riding not as much as I had planned or thought I was going to do but all in all it was a blast being on vacation. Time away was good and I glad to be home. I am ready ride and put some hard miles in before the state series starts. So the batteries are charged and I am read to role.

P.S. It was nice seeing that some long lost souls are starting to ride again, but for those who are lacking motivation, check out the videos I just posted on ZORB!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dupont 2 hour route!

The best dupont loop ever!

Park at Parking lot #19
Corn mill shoal out of parking lot
Big rock trail 2nd left
Left at the top of slick rock down cedar rock trail
Right on to little river trail at the bottom of descent
Hard left on to corn mill shoal
Gradual right onto burnt mtn trail
Right on to corn mill shoals
Stay on corn mill shoals and cross creek
Stay left on corn mill shoals
Right onto laurel ridge trail
Left onto mine mtn trail
Stay left on gravel roads
Turn left on abandoned air strip
Turn left at the end of the air strip on air strip trail
Right at the bottom onto shelter road
Turn left conservation road
Right onto buck forest road
Left on to white pine trail
Left onto hickory mtn road
Left onto ridgeline
Right for 2 hour ride and finish up with 3 mile road climb or take a left and head towards jim branch trail and piece together tails heading back towards parking lot 19.

Description of each trail to come later on. Had type these directions in before I forgot all the turns and lost my hand writen directions.

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