Monday, March 30, 2009

Emily Batty!

This has to be the hottest cyclist of all time and she is fuckin fast! She is every male cyclists dream! So check her out.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Holy Fucking 29er Batman

20 pound 29er! Geared too!

Update on Life pt. II

The last blog might have been a little negative and a little abrasive. Things since have looked up. The energy and happiness came back to me while on my spring break. It was so nice to get away and just have fun and not worry about anything. I might not have accomplished anything while I was there, but resulted in a refreshed look on life and in a way it made me confident in the things I do.

I have come back from spring break and have been able to focus a lot better on the bike and somewhat with school. The new bike took a lot of focus out of me but as a result I have been riding more and have had more fun riding. The new bike is sick by the way. Weighing in at 22.0 lbs with heavy pedals is amazing! The only draw back is I have sold the CX bike to get money for the new bike quicker. I will have another cx bike but it won't be for awhile. I cant afford to keep spendin money on new bikes lol. I need new everyday and work clothes.

So with the new bike and a new refreshed look on life, training is going good.
It seems that I got the endurance after doing some long rides. I struggling with the handling of the new bike, but I am almost positive its just a tire and weather conditions. I am also lack in some speed. I am hoping that will with riding chairs, foodlion, joes, and maybe hill intervals on mondays. This weeks food lion was fast by the way. It was late 1990s speed. We did the loop in 49 mins. That means about a 25 mph avg! So hopefully I will be racing with y'all soon and at a competitive level now that my head seems to be back on staight.


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