Sunday, November 29, 2009

No Gainsville Love

I don't know what it is about about Gainsville lately but we don't get a long. Haile's trails use to be a guaranteed good finish, but not now. But I thought felasco could be different.

So leading up to this week everything was good. I had four good easy rides, my legs felt good, and fresh. I even restrained myself from going out every night with friends that were in town for the thanksgiving. But did go out one night, for my friends 21st birthday. Its always fun reconnecting with old friends.

The Race:
Saturday morning started early. I showed up at Bergs at 7:30 and as usual Berg had pissed his mom off. O and it was her birthday. So i just keep my mouth shut and listen to music and watch cycling movies to get pumped up before we showed up at felasco. We get there and all Bergs have settled down and things were back to normal. I get registered and eat another peanut butter and jelly sandwich, while getting focused on the job at had. I get a good warm up, piss twice, say hey to some old foes and feeling pretty confident when rolling up to the line. Good size field of 12. The gun goes off and I get a good start. I am fourth going into the first corner and stoked. I am behind a guy I didn't recognize but two that I did from the tally race. So I knew I was sitting in a good spot. I move up another spot almost taking out a Zimmerman in the process and he flipped out. It was pretty funny. So I am sitting in and everything was going to plan considering I was riding the trail off of what I knew from felasco ride, since I never preroad. The trail was honestly what I consider to be made for me. It had some long gradual climbs and some fast tight single track. But things definitely didn't go to plan.

Come the end of the first lap I was in third chasing the leaders down and could tell I was getting closer. Then slowly I started to make mistakes and then it hit me. I was starting to get asthma. It felt like I was breathing through a straw that kept getting smaller. When I get asthma I tend to raise my shoulders in distress. When on the bike it makes my handling go to shit. Not fun. So I eased off race pace and tried to settle into a pace that I could prevent the asthma from getting worse and finish the race. I lose 3 more places over the next two place but finish the race pissed off. I am glad I stuck it out but what the fuck. I barely ride before the tom brown race and get third. I ride alot and get asthma and 6th! FUCK

Though I had a shitty race, it was a motivator. I know I can finish better than that and its fucking frustrating! it made me think and think of some goals for this next year and events that I want to do well at. So I am going to keep on keepin on and try to do it right for the next. Hopefully I will live up to my own expectations and finally get this monkey off my back.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm on my grind...

Its been a little over a week since my last blog and alot of epic rides have taken place and my first hick up in my newly rejuvenated focus.

After the fantastic four weekend being unsuccessful in saving the world, things health wise took a sudden down turn. I spent all day Monday with a runny nose, horrible sinus pressure, and I sneezed about a thousand times. I took the next day off from work and tried to lay low. I laid low for maybe an hour than did stuff I had been putting off. I still felt like shit, but got bored then I decided to go ride. maybe not the best idea but I wanted to ride and keep the consistency up. I rode kinda shitty but still almost got four hours lol. My sinus pressure went away but the nose was still running. The next day I woke up feeling like I was breathing under water. The cold had moved from my head to my lungs. It was like having asthma all day and the inhaler not doing anything. But yet I still decided to ride that night with wrecking ball and jimbo. Awesome ride but I felt like shit. For everyone that hasn't been riding with us on Wednesday nights, it has turned in to wrecking ball story time/ drive through memory lane and photo night. We have discussed relationships with younger women lol to court appearances! You would never know he was such an asshole in the past and that he could take such good pics with a cell phone lol. After struggling a lil wed night and knowing that I was going out Thursday night, I decided i was still going to try to get in three hours in Thursday morning. I started off at 8, still felt like I was breathing under water, but felt pretty good. I got all the way out the dikes, when things started to take its toll on me. I convinced myself it was that my legs were just tired, when really I was in denial. The cold finally caught up to me and called the ride short due to the whole body shutting down. I spent the rest of the day just drained feeling, that is till I started drinking at poboys lol. apparently crown and cokes is a form of medicine and energy supplement, cause I woke up the next morning feeling alot better. I still took the day off the bike on friday tho.

Saturday morning was a day of old school for the new school. Jim, Tyler, Chris and I left Chris's house around 8:30 on our old school adventure. We started off going through Lafayette park, I had never been there and had no clue that it was a big as it was. Worm weaved us all over the two hill sides and I think we all almost died couple times on the dry 90 degree corners. That said it was fun and different. It wasn't the same ol north and east side rides. We then continued a old school lesson by chris telling stories of tag that use to occur in the bbc (before bike chain) era. I kept fueling the fire of stories and got chris in memory lane mode. We ended up visiting all of the campus routes. I really wish I had been around for some of the stories and activities, because people have children and responsibilities today that prevent them from playing tag behind chubbys or cruising though campus now a days. Once we went through chris's memory lane, which took up to 1.5 hrs, we ended up at munson hills. Worm and Tyler had there usual unbelievable speed at munson. I don't understand it. I don't know if worm just sinks through the soft sand and gets hard pack sand or if he just knows that place that damn good. Tyler on the other hand baffles me a little more. He just sticks to people rear wheels and powers through everything. After those two drug Jim and I around for over an hour we headed back to worms house. Thats when everybody started blowin up. I was border line blowing up the whole way back but played it smart enough that I survived. Worm started to ignore everyone, Jim was worried about his tire and was tired, and then it seems like they forgot about Tyler. I hung back with him and rode easy. He too was sick and was bonking as a result. When we got back everyone was tired and hungry, that is except for tyler. He said all he wanted to do was lay down lol. Jim, worm, and I then went to monks or what ever the name is and watched women and ate crazy hamburger with mrs worm. good times and good food.

So by the end of the week of sickness, I ended up with 14 hrs. I was stoked to get that much and still survive with the pretty bad cold. That makes 44 hrs for the last three week. hell yeah! I am starting to feel better though and I definitely over the hump and almost completely better. Can't wait to feel 100%. I really want to test me legs and see where I have come! So beware.

Coming soon Tropical Storm ida ride story!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Don't Need to be Macon Bacon!

The Fantastic 4 Theme Song

I thought I was missing out on the trip to Macon but I was wrong! I don't need a zipper neck comedian, an old man with a creepy laugh, pedofile photographer/ artist, cougar chasing fish, a worm with facial hair, fat tire beer, Mexican food, five guys and bad ass trails to have a good weekend. In fact fuck them! There is a new crew in town. We aren't gas guzzling fools who go and waste money and time riding in Macon. We are amazing!

Team Chain Breakers dot org is not like any other in tally. We got beauty, talent, and determination. We are like the fantastic 4! The never aging Tim, the one armed silent machine, the never ending legged retard, and the rambling asthmatic! We are out to break the habits of diaper changing men, trunk stashing whores, experts who train in secrecy, and those who leave town unrightfully! We have jerseys, tshirts, towels, and hats too. All you got to do is visit once there you can also find our custom anodized parts that are now available in custom scratch and sniff scents.

Saturday the rambling asthmatic did Chairs for the first time in three months. Left the house at 7:10 and it was dark as fuck. Unfortunately I didn't leave in time to ride over there casually, so I ended up time trailing the whole way there. When I arrived at the community center, I found two of the the Chain breakers dot org team there. The never aging man and surprisingly the Silent machine made is Chairs debut. Unfortunately we weren't out saving the world of those who we are out to save, but it was a good ride. The Silent machine did awesome he made to fire tower and almost hung on over it. Mad props to fellow fantastic. For the never aging Tim and the rambling asthmatic we made a select group of five and rode strong. The never aging man is showing mad super hero strength and riding the best I have ever seen him ride. As for me I give myself a 7. I didn't ride Thursday or Friday and I think it had an affect on my legs. I just didn't have speed. I had the lungs I just had no legs they burned all day. Considering all of that I was able to work a little bit and make the elite group for the last 15 miles. So all in all the 3.5 hr 70 mile ride was good and the fantastics showed that they are fantastic.

Sunday the fantastics met each other at tom brown all at different times. It wasn't planned but we all came together! That how strong our bonds are! We wanted to save a diapers changing man but he was a little girl and was a no show and didn't even call a fantastic back! Even though the fantastic 4 couldn't save the world for the second day in row we had a blast. The weather was beautiful and the trails were pretty good considering the rain this last week. We rode Cadillac and did the silent machines torture loop. This weekends version was different then last weekends version. I some how convinced the rest of the fantastic 4 to do plowed field intervals. Painful but very entertaining. we continued on keeping a very high pace. The grass hill at the end turned into who could make it to the top first. The asthmatic came out on top followed by never ending legs, followed closely by never aging man, and silent machine keeping strong. We all felt pretty good and tired after hard efforts and long ride. We all got about three hours, we are fantastic!

So what have we learned today? I think that the chain breakers dot org are fucking fantastic and that we don't need to 3 hrs of driving, food, different trail, and gayness to be cool! So we will just keep trying to save the world and try to make it fantastic!

I am not bitter at all too!

In seriousness it was a good weekend with some different rides. I got about 7 hrs this weekend of riding and my legs are feeling good. I got to keep the riding up! I want to keep being fantastic!