Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting out there for the world to see!

Most of us just blog to have fun, rant, make fun people, or just to to keep a journal of our lives.

Kayla on the other hand has officially put her foot in the door on a national level by having a blog posted on Usatoday. So check it out.

Congrats kayla!
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Monday, September 12, 2011

O So Tired

So I am really sleepy. I am currently sitting in the famu parking lot waiting for design class. I miss my first class due to waking up late and not wanting to walking in 30 mins late to class.

This weekend was exhausting and last nights project was the cherry on top.

The weekend started friday night with a bday party for one of Raptors (kayla) friends. I think I got home from that a little after 2:30am. I then woke up at 8 to get ready and meet Jim to ride. 5 hours later I am leaving tom brown. Then I get dressed in my garnet and gold and go tail gate and watch the game. Get home around 9 watch a movie and damn its 1-2am. Ugh. Wake up at 8 to go to watch the bc boys race. After feeding half of Tallahassee and having fun I leave immediately after the yellow wave. Wise decision! I get home lil after 1:30. Next thing I know its 4:15am and I am finally done with my project. I worked the whole time. No screwing around and I feel like I have been ran over and haven't slept in a week. My legs are sore from standing for 12+ and drawing. The good news is my shit looks ballin! My focus was there, my ideas worked and my hands cooperated and the final drawing is definitely my best work yet and its a good positive thing. It was our first true design from scratch. But did I mention I was tired? O and I have taken a shower in like 48 hours. Oops didn't have time. Pillow pillow o how you sound so good. I can hear you calling me. Relax pillow I plan on seeing you at 3:30 for a reunion. But now I am off to get told I should have done something different even though I spent hours thinking of my design. You can never make a designer/ architect happy. Trust me I see at school and at home lol.

Peace out and night night
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Thursday, September 8, 2011


So here she is! The long wait is over! Thanks Big Worm!!!!!

Damn thing won't let me rotate them.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So summer has come and gone for me and school has already started and been a pain in the ass. With start of school came some big changes in routine.

For over 4 years I began working at Sunshine Cycles reeking the benefits of ep and access to what ever bike parts I want. With it came working weekends and learning the world of retail. When I first started there I was 18 and thought it would be the easiest job in the world. Wrong you have to deal with people. All kinds of people: Poor rich cocky cheap and just pain in the asses. The learning experience was frustrating and fun but learning how to talk to strangers, read body language, and patients will definitely help me in the future when describing my architectural designs.

So if you didn't know my last day working there was little over a week ago and it feels really weird. Some think I just decided to quit but that's not the case. Till about three weeks ago I had planned on working the weekends and go to school. But this fall will be the first time in two plus years that I will have a full schedule of classes. In total I am taking 15 credit hours which consists of four architectural classes and one math class. So the life of a architecture student killed working at the bike shop. I still do work at H2 but that's only to keep me in the loop and trends of the arch/engineering business.

So with school taking up most of my life and killing working at the bike shop, it does give me one perk. I don't work any durring the weekend. Means I shouldn't be a lazy terd and should be riding with the crew. No more riding half a ride and turning around and goin home. I can wait for some long dirt road rides and mtb rides. Which brings me to my next rambling topic.

O halle berry! How you frustrate the FUCK out of me. So the new bike halle berry (pivot mach 4) has been the longest and most frustrating bike build. It seems like every damn thing that could go wrong has basically gone wrong. First I was told to get the frame at the shop and then I got in hot water with boss man till I explained everything AWKWARD. Next was fox. Orderedfox a fox ti fork to avoid the trend of the 15mm through axel. Well after two months of never hearing or receiving anything from them I called. "O yeah we aren't making that fork actually." Dammit! Now had to rebuild my wheel. So then I get everything give it to chris. "Houston we have a problem!" FUCK ME. Got s bottom pull front der and not a top. Fine. We went to put the final touches on halle sunday then realize o have the wrong bottom bracket ugghhh. This 3 month process had been painful expensive and I ready to be over it. Tomorrow it should be over and done. I am so ready to mount halle and spin her wheels if you know what I mean!

Pictures will be posted as soon as its built and hopefully my damn teachers don't swamp me with home work.

P.S. fuck you Ron and Chris for calling halle berry Gary Colman! Not cool!
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