Sunday, April 19, 2009

"I Got It, So Bad That I Just Wanta Take A Shot at It!"

Its been awhile since my last post but a lot has happened since. So I'll give in my favorite format aka the number format. And the song sums it up in Ebonics!

1. Number one thing that has happened is that I already broke something on my bike. While checking my link bottles before meeting with the chain gang. I was torquing them and the head of the bolt just broke. I had the torque setting right I promise too. I checked three times before I torqued it too. But what I thought was a horrible term of events, might have been the best thing possible for me! It made me ride the road bike and thats what I really needed. You honestly don't how fast you are riding till you are riding in a group ride. It was a wake up and a slap in the face. I had shitty legs and was just a pack filler.

2. Being a pack filler for the first time in maybe 5 plus years was a horrible feeling and not how I like to roll! Being a pack filler and watching the lil juniors beat me lit a fire under my ass like no other. for example here is what I have done in the last two weeks:

Two weeks ago: Mon-2hrs(waverly loops), tues-1hr (night I broke my bolt), wed-2hrs (foodlion), thurs- 3.5 hrs(2 hrs plus joes), fri-2hr (joes loops), sat-3.5hrs (chairs plus more), sun-3.5hrs (waverly loops)

This week: Mon-1hr (trainer), tues-3hrs (2hrs plus 1hr crit), wed-2hrs (foodlion), thurs-30 min (commute to office party), sat-2.5hrs (chairs), sun- 1.5-2hrs (mtb ride with wreckin ball, berg, and foster)

3. Riding this much and actually training helps lol. I have already gone from drooling on the back of a group to being able to pull again and play with the everyone. I still can't hurt people the way I would like to but things are rapidly changing. I am lacking the sprint/ jump thats necessary and the speed isn't there completely. Its all good though. I am learning how to hurt again and what my body can take before blowing up. and all at the same time my body is learning to recover alot quicker.

4.So to sum up 1-3. I am super motivated and have a desire that I haven't had in years or maybe ever. I just want to fuckin get fast and make people suffer lol. If you think thats messed up your not a real cyclist. The best feeling is knowing that you are haulin ass and feelin good while the person behind you has burning lungs and drool running down there face!

5. The first official race for lil ball will be the Kenda Cup race in Ducktown the first weekend of May. I kinda wish it wasn't my first but I am looking forward to suffering. I don't have the highest expectations, but I plan to fuckin drill it and use it to help me get ready for the mac daddy race of the year aka Bump and Grind. Before I try to re assert myself as dominant rider again in state series which is my most plausible and realistic hope, due to my late start on the season. Just means I will be fresher.

I want to go ride now after typing that but its time to update my social life and my career beyond the bike.

6. Opportunity struck again last week when I found out that I will basically be working full time at H2 engineering as a mechanical engineer intern. It does mean 40 hrs a week, but it also means no school, lots of learning, and more cash money. The opportunity was something I couldnt turn down, considering all the benefits and I will be the only student from Tally and the only one that isn't a senior in engineering school. So I can't fuck it up.

7. My major will be officially be changing for this fall to engineering. I will pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. It means lots of hard work but I think I can buckle down and do it.

8. This new motivation of riding has been keeping me out trouble. I have been smarter about getting messed up and eating better.

9. Riding my bike makes me a nicer person lol

10. Riding makes me sore and more tired.


345. My bike makes me happy and I make it happy by going faster!

Dirt, Wind, Pain, and Speed Controls My Life

p.s. big shit is comin cause "I got it and I want it!"