Friday, December 9, 2011

I am back!? To Nathan King!? or Just another rant!

Warning! As I am speaking to you I might be pulling a lil jimbo wino rant and possibly might be liquidly inhanced!

So today officially was the end/ final of my design class. What does that mean? That means not more long nights of models, drawing and bull shit! It has honestly been one of the hardest last couple days of my schooling history. The combination of bronchitis, asthma, and the expectation/ reputation/ possible results of my final has honestly been one of the most stress full and hard weeks of my school career. It was mentally and physically draining. I sat hunched over wheezing coughing and helpless. but thankfully I got an extension though I feel like I could have done a little better with out the extra stress.

So enough of the bull shit! Here is the low down and why I want rant! The three subjects: The right medicine, Nathan King, and the future!

So last night I was finishing my model, hitting my head on my desk, and just thinking about how miserable/ stress full things have been. All I could think about was the crew, riding, and coming back to the cycling community. It then hit me that I had forgot to run Cliffs light dead and recharge it to be able to ride tonight. It was to late. I then thought of what it meant. It meant that I would be going to go to the Sunshine xmas party instead of riding.

Yeah people don't have the best image/ reputation of sunshine but they too are my crew. They too are my extended family just like the posse. They have had an impact on my life and tonight might have been the medicine that the doctor didn't prescribe on sun 9 am at the walk in center in kilearn. But damn I like me some Prednisone! ok lol I got there, got a beer and then perused my way through the crowd, just to be utterly be disappointed in who I saw. I then just sat on the mechanic bench and found it to be one of the most comforting/ pleasurable places. I missed that time in the shop bsing and just talking tech. yeah I do that with worm just about everyday but sometimes I need that crazy look from larry, ed, wes, nick, and my second dad greg. Though greg wasn't there it was comforting to sit there and get those looks lol. I even got a "dude we miss you" from Wes! Really? I know I can be a pain but it sounded good to be respected when I feel like everyone thought I was turning my back on/ bailing on the shop when school started. Though I will admit it wasn't the best way to leave sunshine after getting the pivot. I really disappointed and let down ed with the way the whole thing went down, but honestly its one of the moments I most regret cause of the way I was perceived but at the same time I honestly never wanted to bail! but I LOVE MY PIVOT! So the ideas of me going back to sunshine will be thrown around tomorrow after we kind of had a heart to heart with the sunshine crew before I left.

So while I was sitting on the mechanic bench grinning and smiling ear to ear this hooded figure with a west coast styled hat guy comes up and ask wes for a beer. "what kind of beer would you like sir?" "ugggghhh man I don't really care...a pbr is fine or a yuengling...ugghhhhh I don't care!" O Yeah shockeerrrrr It was the infamous "motha fuckin Nathan King! He is amazing (long shanks)" He stood in front of me like he has always as a legend. Nathan is one of those people that has always been a wonder/ amazement. How does he survive, live, and ride with such unique and smooth style? No one in the place knew he was except for larry and a small few. He sees me and then makes his home in the back of the shop with me. I get some weird looks and ignore them and keep smiling. I get more respect? Nathan raves about me and treats me as a legend!? Telling stories of me and ignoring other people? ahhh yea feels good to get some more respect. Feels good! I haven't felt respect or just seen the posse and shop crew in awhile! I miss it. The crews are my peanut butter to my jelly!  Now lets make a samich! yes a samich damnit!

Ok so to the rumors! So apparently nathan or "nate" as he likes to call the folks that don't know his legendary status/ crazy history, is here for awhile. It kinda sounded like he kinda grew up! Really? going to stay for awhile? leaving the traveling ways? Apparently so. He apparently has approached the city/ chuck and is pursuing a career here fixing our trails. It isn't for sure yet and I am not sure how public its suppose to be but it sounds promising. The idea of having someone with the old mentality and traits joining the city really encourages me and gives me a hope for our trails. Yes I know we are blessed with an amazing amount of trail but I miss that old school hand built trail feel. Look at silk and the jeopardy star cliff! hand built and it worked. Tom Brown and Munson aren't that and i think its getting under a lot of peoples skin. Someone like Nathan might be the perfect solution. He is hard headed and very opinionated and I think that might be necessary to get trails back to the NATURAL UN WHOOPY ways! But at the same time it might be the perfect storm. I can see him blowing up and disappearing! but like I said I heard something different in Nathan's voice. He sounded excited and ready to make an impact. So my fingers are crossed it works out and look to reaching out trying to get him to ride with the posse.

To the future. Now that my design class is over I look forward to riding with the crew. I miss y'all. I am looking to get back in shape and following rule #5. I plan on getting a good amount of base miles during the break and getting back to my old ways. I am also looking to get back to racing. I am talking road and mtb. I have big goals as always and I feel like my school schedule will allow that next semester. So no promises but I hope I can back to my hold ways and not be just a blip in a xmas party and the posse!

o yeahhhh fuck fuck fuck fuck I AMMMMMM BACCCKKKKKKKK!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

ughhh sniffle cough wheeze

So I have bronchitis and a design final due today at 4ish. Not close to being done Fml! I thank fully have a doctors note but still panicking cause my teacher is a bitch. So life is just fucking wonderful!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why ride?

Why ride when you can make a damn pendant lamp! lol

This is just one example of why I can't ride and why I bitch! Working on my final has begun and y'all won't be seeing me much! O architecture school

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting out there for the world to see!

Most of us just blog to have fun, rant, make fun people, or just to to keep a journal of our lives.

Kayla on the other hand has officially put her foot in the door on a national level by having a blog posted on Usatoday. So check it out.

Congrats kayla!
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Monday, September 12, 2011

O So Tired

So I am really sleepy. I am currently sitting in the famu parking lot waiting for design class. I miss my first class due to waking up late and not wanting to walking in 30 mins late to class.

This weekend was exhausting and last nights project was the cherry on top.

The weekend started friday night with a bday party for one of Raptors (kayla) friends. I think I got home from that a little after 2:30am. I then woke up at 8 to get ready and meet Jim to ride. 5 hours later I am leaving tom brown. Then I get dressed in my garnet and gold and go tail gate and watch the game. Get home around 9 watch a movie and damn its 1-2am. Ugh. Wake up at 8 to go to watch the bc boys race. After feeding half of Tallahassee and having fun I leave immediately after the yellow wave. Wise decision! I get home lil after 1:30. Next thing I know its 4:15am and I am finally done with my project. I worked the whole time. No screwing around and I feel like I have been ran over and haven't slept in a week. My legs are sore from standing for 12+ and drawing. The good news is my shit looks ballin! My focus was there, my ideas worked and my hands cooperated and the final drawing is definitely my best work yet and its a good positive thing. It was our first true design from scratch. But did I mention I was tired? O and I have taken a shower in like 48 hours. Oops didn't have time. Pillow pillow o how you sound so good. I can hear you calling me. Relax pillow I plan on seeing you at 3:30 for a reunion. But now I am off to get told I should have done something different even though I spent hours thinking of my design. You can never make a designer/ architect happy. Trust me I see at school and at home lol.

Peace out and night night
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Thursday, September 8, 2011


So here she is! The long wait is over! Thanks Big Worm!!!!!

Damn thing won't let me rotate them.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So summer has come and gone for me and school has already started and been a pain in the ass. With start of school came some big changes in routine.

For over 4 years I began working at Sunshine Cycles reeking the benefits of ep and access to what ever bike parts I want. With it came working weekends and learning the world of retail. When I first started there I was 18 and thought it would be the easiest job in the world. Wrong you have to deal with people. All kinds of people: Poor rich cocky cheap and just pain in the asses. The learning experience was frustrating and fun but learning how to talk to strangers, read body language, and patients will definitely help me in the future when describing my architectural designs.

So if you didn't know my last day working there was little over a week ago and it feels really weird. Some think I just decided to quit but that's not the case. Till about three weeks ago I had planned on working the weekends and go to school. But this fall will be the first time in two plus years that I will have a full schedule of classes. In total I am taking 15 credit hours which consists of four architectural classes and one math class. So the life of a architecture student killed working at the bike shop. I still do work at H2 but that's only to keep me in the loop and trends of the arch/engineering business.

So with school taking up most of my life and killing working at the bike shop, it does give me one perk. I don't work any durring the weekend. Means I shouldn't be a lazy terd and should be riding with the crew. No more riding half a ride and turning around and goin home. I can wait for some long dirt road rides and mtb rides. Which brings me to my next rambling topic.

O halle berry! How you frustrate the FUCK out of me. So the new bike halle berry (pivot mach 4) has been the longest and most frustrating bike build. It seems like every damn thing that could go wrong has basically gone wrong. First I was told to get the frame at the shop and then I got in hot water with boss man till I explained everything AWKWARD. Next was fox. Orderedfox a fox ti fork to avoid the trend of the 15mm through axel. Well after two months of never hearing or receiving anything from them I called. "O yeah we aren't making that fork actually." Dammit! Now had to rebuild my wheel. So then I get everything give it to chris. "Houston we have a problem!" FUCK ME. Got s bottom pull front der and not a top. Fine. We went to put the final touches on halle sunday then realize o have the wrong bottom bracket ugghhh. This 3 month process had been painful expensive and I ready to be over it. Tomorrow it should be over and done. I am so ready to mount halle and spin her wheels if you know what I mean!

Pictures will be posted as soon as its built and hopefully my damn teachers don't swamp me with home work.

P.S. fuck you Ron and Chris for calling halle berry Gary Colman! Not cool!
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hey hey hey watch YO LEVELS!

Hey hey hey watch YO LEVELS! If you don't bad things happen!
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Da Dirty 30 Part 2

What a wild day. Wake up tour, work, and dirty 30. The thoughts and ideas running through my head today was kind of funny and made me think of my spaghetti write up. So here is my days thoughts! Sorry if its a little raw lol

  • 4:15 “hi can I help you?” “Remember we were here yesterday looking for two bikes” Fuck I hate it when people come in late in the day.
  • We close at 5! duurrrrr! we have lives outside of the shop!
  • Zak Relax they are buying nice stuff and they are nice people.
  • Drip Drip! mother fucker! splashhhh! who the fuck said it could rain!
  • There is no way we can race this afternoon! Its been pouring for 30 mins! has to be at least one inch of rain or maybe more.
  • "ring ring (chris) I am going to call the race off its to wet no one will show up.”
  • chris: “No your not I will punch in your fucking face! there is already 10 people here” me: “o”
  • he wont punch me in the face that big doughnut eating, spirit crushing, big boned turd face!
  • 5:20 finally leaving the shop. I am going to have to hurry to get there on time.
  • chad? really? Mad props driving to the dirt crit with its rain. and jim said he was going to whoop that asssss! shhhh Jim (aka da Slim Jimmy and no I am not talking about his jimmy wink wink) is skinny!
  • Any one going to be there? text! text! facebook message!
  • what? maclay has dry patches? It def didn’t rain as much here! ahhhh thank you lord
  • which bike? hmmm da monster cross bike or the succulent sour apple ss? hmm I will take both! its my race my rules!
  • what? really? the parking lot is full of men in lycra! I love that! I mean I guess we are going to have a race.
  • hi, hi , hi I don’t know you, you and you. You really here for da dirty? nice!
  • I am still running late. What bike to race? hmmm both lol my race my rules!
  • boing, boing, ss side ways! ahhh I just almost ate shit on two bikes. thank god no one saw me!
  • woaaahhhh! I see a bunch of people! I cant fuck up this!
  • chris: “zak! Zak! Come here.” huh course change? If you and rick say so lets do it! o man this going to hurt.
  • o man this a lot of people!
  • foster ever seen a dirt crit? dont care he is helping! (thanks again ken)
  • ughh I am about to hurt. 
  • Go! Slim Jimmy Has a firm butt SMACK!
  • Ok I have to attack first! my race! I feel good! Zoom goes rick! guess I don’t feel good! I wonder if he is on epo? should we piss test him? this is my race my rules! nahhh
  • I will just grab his wheel and relax! ok this isn’t bad. and now you are riding away from me… tear tear
  • he is just abnormal (Ric), I can settle in and ride in front of everyone else and be fine. 
  • lil gillis? ok he has been riding a lot its ok. 
  • slim jimmy? ok I have lost all skills and I am going home to cut my self!
  • ok cool no one is really close to me. I am lapping you, you, you , you, you, but I am being supportive. I am so nice.
  • Daniel? ugghhh oooook 
  • I will save some and get him later. (didn’t happen)
  • We done yet? Foster have you ever seen a crit before?
  • Ric “how come it hasn’t been 30 mins yet?” as he is lapping me for the 2nd time and is breathing easy. Shit up Ric breath! don’t just roll up on me and act like you are hurting! you epo using skinny turd! 
  • aaaannnndd we are done! thank god!
  • uggh I have to take both bikes back. but the juicy apple bottom ss was a good choice!
  • ahhhhh left over cheesy gordita crunch! ooo yeah and a dr. pepper.
  • chris you will never get this! king of the castle! nanny nanny boo boo
  • ahhh he is gettting up! 
  • terry u touch my taco and I go psycho on your little penguin body!
  • I actually pulled this thing off sweet! but peace out!
Thanks Ken for helping keep time/ Thanks Chris and Ric for the suggestion, it was a good idea. It was fun and I am stoked at the amount of people showed up. Next one will be bigger! Can’t wait!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Man Down

Today the cycling community lost one of the towns original mtbers in Dave Baton.

You could say he was crazy, confident, arrogant, fast, a bad ass, a hard ass, and some might have ruder words but he truly was a good guy. He was one of the most confident people I have ever met and with this he gave himself high standards and a very aggressive riding style. This style of riding and confidence led him to a good amount of success across the country as a pro rider.

I was lucky to actually spend some time with him on and off the bike.I believe I was introduce to him at joes or at race through Big Worm. From then on he would always ask if I had been racing and keep up with my results. After races or following race I would tell him all my excuses, he would offer up advice and tell me not be like him lol. It always would be good advice but being the age that I was at the time I never took it to heart and take advantage of his offer to ride with him more. I would ride with him off and on the road bike and very rarely on the mtb while growing up. When riding with him though he would offer suggestions to me and occasionally I would piss him off. When he was pissed off he was just being hard on me and trying to make ride harder.

The thing I remember about Dave the most was my trip to Apalachicola to help him one of his jobs wiring a condominium. Dave had a temper and it came out on the way to the job site. I was following him down there when we had just passed through Crawfordville. There were three cars in front of him a sedan, a cop, and a truck. We were moving along 5 mph under the speed limit and i could tell it was bothering Dave. Next thing I know I he is passing all three cars when there was a double yellow line. Immediately following the pass the cop pull him over. I thought o lord what have I gotten myself into after seeing his crazy pass and burn out leaving the cop on the side of the road. He later told me that he told the cop that it was bull shit. The rest of the trip was fine and I actually learned a lot from him about riding and wiring. We spent two lunches and a dinner talking tactics, training, and living the life as a pro. I truly enjoyed the time with him and behind his confidence he was a really nice guy. He just had a weird way of showing it.

So what I am trying to say is that Dave had an impact on a lot of people including me. He was one of those people who made a impact on you even if you weren't around him long. He is also the one of the ones that got Big Worm and many other into riding mtbs. If that hadn't happen I don't know were I would be or all of bike chain.

Most of all I feel very sad for his son who was along with him and hit as well by a car. Dave adored his son more than anything else in his life and it was very obvious. His son is a many version of him and wanted to be just like him. I really hope that we can keep his son in the cycling community. I know that is what Dave would wanted.

Its a sad day for Tallahassee cycling community and Dave will be missed and I proud to say that Dave had an impact on my life!

RIP Dave Baton

P.S. This sad day is just another example of how awesome the cycling community is though. Its a family and it shows when these kind of things happen or someone gets hurt. Before the news hit the web or tv, the cycling community basically played wheres waldo and called around to the point where everyone was checked on till it was narrowed down to Dave.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An Idea for Motivation and Change

So I have been thinking lately and have been kind of bored with same old thing every week, which has kinda caused lack of motivation. So I was wondering if people were interested in starting another short track series like we kind of attempted before. I know it didn't really work out before but it seems like the mtb scene in tally has kind of grown rapidly in the last year. There is a lot of new faces and it seems like more people are interested in racing or crazy events such as the ally cat thing and crazy long rides.

I know everyone kind of has there own week rides and it pointless to do it during the week. Saturday is kind of always a for big group rides on road and off road. So that leaves me with Sundays. So currently I am thinking about either a 8-9am or 5:30-6pm. This way hopefully it stays out of family stuff and conflict with normal park visitors.

Race format would be 30min plus 3-5 laps with the majority being double track with a little bit of single track. There would be only one class to allow for our crazyness to be short and sweet. No prizes! No entry fee! Just Pride and Bitching! The race would have no team, shop, TMBA, and CCC afiiliation. I am talking old school rogue series. I am thinking that I would attempt to have the race at multiple locations. Ihe idea would be to get an email/ facebook message late in the week.

The idea would be to get in a hard short hard effort in less than an hour so that people can live there life but still get a good hard ride in. I want to see some new rivaleries, mix in different crowds and see tempers flare.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

Finishing Up The Semester

School ends April 18! Here is a digital version of my rough draft of my outdoor music experience area based on the historical song "dueling banjos."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

sleep school work hw sleep

Last year this time I was riding about 5-6 times a week and accumulating 12-15 hours a week. I barely did any homework and squeezed by with grades. I lived in an empty house and was going to sleep at 8 o'clock cause I did no homework and had nothing in my house other than my dog, food, and a bed.

Wow have things changed. I live with my parents again, have a girl friend, and have one of the most time consuming majors in architecture. My life now consist of me being up till 3 o'clock in the morning on average three to four nights a week doing homework. I still squeeze in about 31 hours of work between h2 and sunshine and I am lucky to get 1 ride a week. The free time I do have I spend trying to catch up on sleep. I have gone from being up every saturday and sunday at 7 to make a ride, to sleeping till 10:45-11:00 to catch up. Its weird and I don't like it, especially since that has been my routine for about 15 years. So hearing and reading blogs about rides where everyone shows up or just getting invited and not being able to attend hurts and really bothers me. Because while y'all are riding I having to make a model or draw. The good news is that day light savings is coming, the weather is getting warmer, and the semester is actually pretty close to ending. I have three weeks till sb and then I come back from sb and only have one project after. So hell is coming to an end pretty soon and I will be able to join the crew again.

This is for worm too: