Monday, February 27, 2012

Hey Norman!

I saw this and thought of Norman! Norman its a good thing you don't crash as much as Jim!

He kinda even looks like you! But he can probably make it up the root at tom brown!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bicycles are art and man do they make me drool sometimes...

Some of you might or might not know but I kinda obsess over new bikes and parts. Sometimes a good thing sometimes a bad habit.. Worm definitely knows because we send each other pics of frames and stuff and distract each other from work.

My current obsession and ideas:
  • New grip ship? I love how sleek it look and It sounds like its going to be super light.
  • Screw the little ring and get a chain guide. Hey I am never in the little ring with this new mtb compact/ 2x10 set up.
  • Disc road bikes and cross bikes intrigue me. Idk if it the mtber in me or the idea of being so stupidly awesome and over kill.
  • Carbon? ehhh I am still not the most carbon trustworthy. I have been wondering if I could ride a custom steel road bike and be happy with the way it rides. Would it be an old man bike? or would still feel race worthy. Yea carbon is very easy to manipulate and make aero and all that shit but there is something sexy about a bike with small round tubes and welds. Screw glued pieces of woven threads when u can have a weld!

For example of my craziness my black cat was ordered randomly after seeing it in dirt rag. I was just flipping through and saw this striking blue and white black cat. Less than a week later it was ordered. So in honor of one of the best time of years for cycling goodies (nahbs starts next Friday) I figured I would just post some of the most drool worth cycling goodies.

Builders template that anyone can buy! hmmm let the ideas run!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

First Mtb Ride Since...

Today was the first ride since: Felasco and the worst asthma attacks in years.

After a week of health issues (asthma), an interior project, and a low income housing project I have finally found time to relax for a couple todays. So today I rode the black cat for the first time since getting the pivot and at the same time it was the first mtb ride since felasco. The weather could not have been nicer and it was to nice to ride hard so I did nothing but cruise around, take photos, and sit on my top tube and stair off in to space and enjoy the beautiful day. It felt so good and it reminded me how dry tallahassee is right now.

While I have not been riding design class has been exhausting good things hove come out of it. I have recieved A's on everything and my group won our design competition. It made 30 hours of work over the last weekend a little worth it.