Friday, December 9, 2011

I am back!? To Nathan King!? or Just another rant!

Warning! As I am speaking to you I might be pulling a lil jimbo wino rant and possibly might be liquidly inhanced!

So today officially was the end/ final of my design class. What does that mean? That means not more long nights of models, drawing and bull shit! It has honestly been one of the hardest last couple days of my schooling history. The combination of bronchitis, asthma, and the expectation/ reputation/ possible results of my final has honestly been one of the most stress full and hard weeks of my school career. It was mentally and physically draining. I sat hunched over wheezing coughing and helpless. but thankfully I got an extension though I feel like I could have done a little better with out the extra stress.

So enough of the bull shit! Here is the low down and why I want rant! The three subjects: The right medicine, Nathan King, and the future!

So last night I was finishing my model, hitting my head on my desk, and just thinking about how miserable/ stress full things have been. All I could think about was the crew, riding, and coming back to the cycling community. It then hit me that I had forgot to run Cliffs light dead and recharge it to be able to ride tonight. It was to late. I then thought of what it meant. It meant that I would be going to go to the Sunshine xmas party instead of riding.

Yeah people don't have the best image/ reputation of sunshine but they too are my crew. They too are my extended family just like the posse. They have had an impact on my life and tonight might have been the medicine that the doctor didn't prescribe on sun 9 am at the walk in center in kilearn. But damn I like me some Prednisone! ok lol I got there, got a beer and then perused my way through the crowd, just to be utterly be disappointed in who I saw. I then just sat on the mechanic bench and found it to be one of the most comforting/ pleasurable places. I missed that time in the shop bsing and just talking tech. yeah I do that with worm just about everyday but sometimes I need that crazy look from larry, ed, wes, nick, and my second dad greg. Though greg wasn't there it was comforting to sit there and get those looks lol. I even got a "dude we miss you" from Wes! Really? I know I can be a pain but it sounded good to be respected when I feel like everyone thought I was turning my back on/ bailing on the shop when school started. Though I will admit it wasn't the best way to leave sunshine after getting the pivot. I really disappointed and let down ed with the way the whole thing went down, but honestly its one of the moments I most regret cause of the way I was perceived but at the same time I honestly never wanted to bail! but I LOVE MY PIVOT! So the ideas of me going back to sunshine will be thrown around tomorrow after we kind of had a heart to heart with the sunshine crew before I left.

So while I was sitting on the mechanic bench grinning and smiling ear to ear this hooded figure with a west coast styled hat guy comes up and ask wes for a beer. "what kind of beer would you like sir?" "ugggghhh man I don't really care...a pbr is fine or a yuengling...ugghhhhh I don't care!" O Yeah shockeerrrrr It was the infamous "motha fuckin Nathan King! He is amazing (long shanks)" He stood in front of me like he has always as a legend. Nathan is one of those people that has always been a wonder/ amazement. How does he survive, live, and ride with such unique and smooth style? No one in the place knew he was except for larry and a small few. He sees me and then makes his home in the back of the shop with me. I get some weird looks and ignore them and keep smiling. I get more respect? Nathan raves about me and treats me as a legend!? Telling stories of me and ignoring other people? ahhh yea feels good to get some more respect. Feels good! I haven't felt respect or just seen the posse and shop crew in awhile! I miss it. The crews are my peanut butter to my jelly!  Now lets make a samich! yes a samich damnit!

Ok so to the rumors! So apparently nathan or "nate" as he likes to call the folks that don't know his legendary status/ crazy history, is here for awhile. It kinda sounded like he kinda grew up! Really? going to stay for awhile? leaving the traveling ways? Apparently so. He apparently has approached the city/ chuck and is pursuing a career here fixing our trails. It isn't for sure yet and I am not sure how public its suppose to be but it sounds promising. The idea of having someone with the old mentality and traits joining the city really encourages me and gives me a hope for our trails. Yes I know we are blessed with an amazing amount of trail but I miss that old school hand built trail feel. Look at silk and the jeopardy star cliff! hand built and it worked. Tom Brown and Munson aren't that and i think its getting under a lot of peoples skin. Someone like Nathan might be the perfect solution. He is hard headed and very opinionated and I think that might be necessary to get trails back to the NATURAL UN WHOOPY ways! But at the same time it might be the perfect storm. I can see him blowing up and disappearing! but like I said I heard something different in Nathan's voice. He sounded excited and ready to make an impact. So my fingers are crossed it works out and look to reaching out trying to get him to ride with the posse.

To the future. Now that my design class is over I look forward to riding with the crew. I miss y'all. I am looking to get back in shape and following rule #5. I plan on getting a good amount of base miles during the break and getting back to my old ways. I am also looking to get back to racing. I am talking road and mtb. I have big goals as always and I feel like my school schedule will allow that next semester. So no promises but I hope I can back to my hold ways and not be just a blip in a xmas party and the posse!

o yeahhhh fuck fuck fuck fuck I AMMMMMM BACCCKKKKKKKK!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

ughhh sniffle cough wheeze

So I have bronchitis and a design final due today at 4ish. Not close to being done Fml! I thank fully have a doctors note but still panicking cause my teacher is a bitch. So life is just fucking wonderful!

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