Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Crib, Good Legs and a Crazy Idea

So since the Bump race, things have been pretty good and it looks like the bad luck has finally stopped for the time being. This last week started with one recovery day, following my bad showing at bump. Tuesday was the day that things started to look better. The Tuesday ride was super fun with berg, slade, tyler, and wrecking ball. It was surprisingly quick and definitely longer than I expected to ride. The ride ended up being 3.5 hrs long for me and I felt pretty descent. On the way home I rode by a house on Glenway Dr behind the Democrat. I stopped got the phone number and rode back to my car, where I later called the owner and left a message about being interested in the house. Wed started off very wet and I thought I wasn't going to ride but after Berg sucked it up and still rode, I myself went with Marino to Food Lion where the good legs continued to show improvement. I was able to pull the whole ride and play with the rest of the guys and it made me super happy and confident. The group was 15 strong but very fast. We finished the food lion loop in 51.5 mins, which is screamin fast for such a small group. Thursday started off again rainy and after bailing on the joes ride due to the presumption that it was going to rain, I pursued that house that rode by on Tuesday. My parents and I went to see the house and we all agreed that it was a cool place and that we wanted to rent it. The next morning, I had the house wrapped up and it will be my crib for at least the next year. I don't move in until the end of July but I am super excited over the idea of being able to role out of the house and basically being 150-200 yards from the fern entrance. I also look forward to everyone meeting at the place for rides, water stops and just seeing people when they ride by place. Saturday the legs continued to shine and show improvement. I met up with marino and rode from his place to kilearn where we met spook and Donni to ride to chairs. The ride was awesome. I had legs that i hadn't had in over a year. It was vintage lil ball riding. I attacked on every climb and pulled the whole ride. 74 miles laters I was exhausted but I couldnt stop smiling, until i had to take a nap lol. Now for sunday where my mind went wild and possibly crazy lol.

So after reading an interview with Julie Furtado, watching video of the 1990 world championships in Durango, browsing through the QBP books, and showing eric a bike on the Internet, something hit me. I wanted to change the Merlin into a 90s Tomac mtb, like the picture above. This means road bars and shifters! Only if I could find a disc mtb wheel! Check out the video of Tomac bombing down the mtn at Purgatory, which is north of Durango. I am super excited and ready to get this project rolling!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fuck your three minutes and it was wrecking balls fault!!!

My Current favorite song. It gets me motivated and flows so good!

This weekend was another frustrating fuck up! The race initially started off well, I was fifth going into the woods and and right behind silk, which is where i wanted to be. I settled in and was actually thinking damn this pace is easy and I might have a good day. We get to the first road and a guy attacks I slowly react and role pass a couple people and join the leader still breathing very easily. The next section of trail describes my whole year on the bike. I go from being one of the elite in the group, to eating shit. So I crashed and went from third to second to last place! I compose myself and get back on the bike and Silk who had some issues, start off again after the group. We pick three or four off before I let Silk go by me. I was kinda suffering from starting to hard after crashing so I let silk go after it and i tried to recover and somewhat keep silk in sight and hopefully close for the road. I realize that I am doing more damage by trying to keep up with silks pace. So I ease up and try to form my own steady pace. I get to the road with the climb and am still trying to recover. I get passed by three 30 plus experts and then my legs clicked in to gear again. I started feeling good and I was starting to reel people in slowly but like the last couple months something else goes wrong. I fucking flat three corner after blood rock. I try to relax and fix the flat quickly but it wasn't a stellar fix. BY this time I am fucking light years behind anybody in my class. I get back on the bike and feel like shit and almost hurled from some odd reason. I can't get back into a rhythm. I come to the finish line and call it game over.

I know its not what I should have done but my motivation was gone. I knew I would get shit for it but i didn't care. There will be other races this year for me and I will finish them. I am not one to dnf a lot and if you look at my 14 years of racing you will notice! so go worry about yourself and shut the fuck up! I know I didn't finish! I wanted to do well and it didn't happen and I was out contention.

Other than my bad luck continuing my weekend was good. I enjoyed being a around everyone for the most part and I definitely enjoyed watching the pro race. It was a wake up call watching it though honestly. I could point out up to ten people that I have raced against and have beat multiple times in my career. Its annoying cause I know i can race with them and beat them if i train. So like almost half of my other blogs I end by saying that I am motivated and motivated to get to where I think I should be. I know I will need to change some aspects of my current life but I know I can do it. No upcoming races anytime soon but I am hoping to put in some good training and be ready to competitive this fall. I expect nothing less than top 5 this fall in cat 1. Anything less will be a failure.