Monday, January 26, 2009

School seems to be the recent talk around BC, so I figured I should talk about it as well!

Whats all this talk about school?! Its kinda depressing thinking about school honestly! Why would you want to think about long boring lectures with boring ass teachers? Cause I am assuming its so you can live the live that people dream of. Which for me means a bike for every occasion and discipline, a bad ass car, some bumpin music and of course a hot girl! Here is a bumpin track (its so sick) and my favorite free ride clip!

But back to the subject of school. School must be the cool thing cause Wreckin Ball is apparently rolling back to school, I have also heard the big ass worm talkin about the idea as well and seems to be a subject on every ride! But I am in school and I hate it. But I have hated it because I have been able to figure out what I want to do. Recently its been on my mind while I ride, work and while I have been sittin on my white porcelain throne. I have been trying to put things together and figure it out what I should do for a living. I guess you could call it weird math. Here is my current formula for a future career:

mtb + the love of new parts and toys + current job and opportunities + years of riding + the love of outdoors = mtb product developer

Apparently it requires a experience in mtb retail industry, knowledge of trends and where the future of cycling is going and history of advancements, Autocad, and engineering experience. Sounds like a match made in heaven!

So just like the wreckin ball, I to think I might have found my calling. I still don't want to school though!

This is all assuming I don't go pro haha!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

FSU? Bucky Paper?

If y'all missed it FSU was considered to be possibly be related to Lances new Livestrong Madone! Bucky paper is a material 10 times lighter than steel -- but 250 times stronger. A single sheet is 50000 times smaller than a piece of hair. The material is being promoted and pushed by FSU to the areospace, body armor, automotive and cycling industries. They have been searching for a company to help push there development in cycling and other industries and thats from a reliable resource aka my mom, and I told her to investigate. O and FSU is leading everyone in development. even over the chinese.

Here is the Velonews article:

FSU2009? The view from underneath Armstrong's TDU2009 bike.
Australian journalist Benjamin Fitzmaurice got a look at the underside of Lance Armstrong's Trek Madone at the Tour Down Under this week, and saw something unexpected:

"The bike has some letters and numbers on the bottom bracket," Fitzmaurice said. "The guy from Trek said that he would show us but could not tell us what they meant. When we shot the bottom bracket a guy from Astana staff came rushing over to question what we were doing ..."

As the photo and Fitzmaurice's video shows, the lettering is "FSU2009." A reference to Florida State University?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Felasco and finally some use for my Atomic clothes

Felasco got me so motivated! I just rode the trainer for an hour! yeah the trainer the fun sucking machine! I sat on the trainer reading every bodies blogs stoking myself up even more. And here is my training song! Straight Hood Baby! Slim Thugga

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Look

Yesterday while I was riding, I came up with a new look and ideas. Starting today, I will be keeping track of my training and motivation level. It gives me the motivation ro ride and train harder and maybe start some shit with all of y'all! I will be updating atleast weekly! So I'll being bringin the heat bitches! lol

p.s. check out the BC colors!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wake up call, lessons and Macon

What is it about something new that just gets the juices flowing and lights that fire under your ass. Riding in Macon definitely did that for me. We might have eat just as much as we rode, but it was a time of riding, laughing, and relaxation that made it awesome. I'll leave the story telling to Worm or Jims blog because they are better story tellers. This weekend though was a pleasant change to my life. I will admit that I have been drinking and partying more than riding but that will change! The realization came half way through the slipping and sliding in the mud at Dauset. I felt like a kid again, while enjoying the difficulty added by the mud. By the way Huff and Puff is the shit! I too learned more than just life lessons.

1. Wreckin Ball never shuts up! but thank god he is fucking hilarious!
2. Tyler is chill as fuck, likes beer and never complains! mad props!
3. Worm will find the trail eventually!
4. Darren goes to bed extremely early!
5. Jim knows is always down to learn how to ride better. and he likes peanuts!
6. I can eat at anytime! mmmm 5 guys!
7. Garmin doesn't know shit!
8. Thomaston was a bad ass trail about 5 years ago! what the fuck happenedd tho?

Last of all:

Cycling is a drug and the more you do it, the happier it makes you! It realeaves stress, brings friends closer, takes you to amazing places and O YEAH, its fucking fun wet or dry!