Sunday, June 16, 2013


With Kayla gone, school, work and no real me time for myself, I have been doing a lot more thinking about how stuff has changed in the last 3-4 years.

Three to Four years ago was maybe the peak of the BC days. We couldn't go a day with out someone picking on someone on bikeposssee. It would lead to a chain of emails and heated group rides that were epic. The rides consisted of more than four people and we all were racing a fair amount. Those were the days of no Norman or Danielle, "big" Jim, Mark had no children, Steve and Cliff weren't married, and the crew was tighter than it ever was. Now I can't say the same thing. We have become that crew that just has jerseys but still stirs shit up occasionally. Is it any ones fault? no but man stuff is different and it is weird. We don't even share our ride plans on the email anymore and I wouldn't consider some people BC anymore as sad as that sounds. I realize nothing stays the same and as a whole we have all kind of matured. Sounds weird saying that BC has matured, we are talking about 35+ year old people except for me and David. Some days I just wish we it was like old times but at the same time I am just as guilty of changing and being inconsistent as well.

Three to Four years ago I was just starting Architecture school at FAMU and had just met Kayla. I was a half ass student that did very little work, little loud, fit, cocky, and did nothing but think about riding. Today my life is consumed with architecture school work that has priority over everything. I am not thinking about my next ride or the next big purchase, I am not fit, not near as raw with my blogs and friends my age are starting to get married. There is one thing has stayed the same and that is that Kayla I are still together and I couldn't be happier that were are. As a whole I am starting to think more about the future and not living day to day. For example I have never saved or worked harder to get money for something other than bike stuff till Kayla was awarded an internship in NYC. I could probably tell you 50 different options that I could use the money to improve on my bike but all I really want to do is go to NYC, see Kayla, and experience something new.

With all of these changes the comfort zone/ hard headedness has kind of gone out the window. My rides are different and the people they are with are different, other than a few. My thoughts of where I will live or what I will do in a year or so are completely different than what I thought they would be. I always thought that I would live in Tallahassee and grow old here. Now I am almost sure that I won't be and could live somewhere new as early as the end of next springs school semester. The more I think about it the more I come to be ok with it and I get a little excited.

So what now? More homework unfortunately and more change it sounds like. That is ok though, I got to get over it and keep on moving. I will try to post more and I am guessing my content will start being a little different. I am sure the main focus will be cycling with an occasional rant, but more life lessons it sounds like.


BIGWORM said...

I hear ya, my man. Just glad you've been able to ride as much as you have, lately.

BIG JIM said...

"The only thing that is constant is change."

Treeman said...

You are too young to be so nostalgic about the past. Embrace the change!